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Dry fly fishing in a picturesque Swedish setting of flowing streams full of wild trout and Grayling!

“The tension mounts as you carefully place the dry fly a few metres above the place where you previously seen a large brown trout hovering. The fly floats downstream and then suddenly you see a plough forming in the water followed by a large splash ! Your fly is gone and distinctly you raise the rod to feel the weight and strength down below…”

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Dry fly fishing in Sweden

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In Sweden's southernmost wilderness of Älvdalen there lies a seductive river with access to both trout and grayling. This river has been known to guarantee catching fish several kilograms in weight as it has been recorded in each season before.  Both compelling and satisfying to the avid angler, it has a wide variety of fishing in free flowing rapids, necks and deep hollows. At BFD Flyfishing we offer a unique opportunity to experience Sweden's pure nature and tranquil surroundings combined with an exciting fishing for super strong trout and shimmering grayling. Our experienced guides will help you with the choice of flies, right equipment and the all the tuition to fish in these waters in the most efficient and practical way. Please remember we practice catch & release as much as possible but you can of course take some fish for eating purposes on any given opportunity.
Before the our journey home, we will take you to Europe's largest predator center where you can see at close range Brown, Kamchatka and Polar bears plus Siberian Tigers, Persian leopards and even Wolverines.
This trip guarantees to be a thrilling experience and the chance to be only a few feet away from a live 500 pound bear!.


DAY 1:  Depart Stockholm Arlanda airport at 18.25pm arriving at Mora airport 19.15pm. Transfer by Minibus to accommodation for 1 night stay with dinner in the Hotel Älvdalen. You will now get a chance to learn about the rivers and all the fishing on offer with the added option of gear rental from our own guide.

DAY 2:  Breakfast, followed by guided fishing for the whole day at various points along the river. Break for an outdoor lunch in a traditional Swedish “Slogbod” which is a 3 sided shelter and timber bench perfect for eating near the river bank.  At the end of the day you will be picked up by minibus and returned to the hotel for dinner, with the option of a return for night fishing if you so desire.  

DAY 3 : After breakfast, The chance to fish alone without a guide at suggested spots of interest to fish with transport and packed lunch included. A return journey to the hotel at suggest time or on request.
DAY 4 : Breakfast, followed by a visit to the predator centre at Orsa Gronklitt where you will be able to see Brown, Polar & Kamtjacha bears, arctic foxes, plus wolf and lynxes up close.We then depart for the returning journey back to the airport in Mora for transfer flight to Stockholm Arlanda International airport.

Recommended Equipment:

3-6” rods single hand
Floating lines, nymph fishing lines
Waders and Boots
Wading stick if required.
Protection glasses and a cap
Landing net



Flights Transfer flight from/to Stockholm Arlanda & Mora airport
Accommodation part in double room inclusive of breakfast
Transport transfer at all times by Minibus
Dinner on day 1
Fishing guide
Fishing permits
Outdoor lunch on day 2
Lunch package on day 3
Entrance to the predator centre

Not included:

Dinner on day 2 and 3
All Alcoholic drinks
Drinks and food outside the program
With option to book:
All fishing gear: rods, waders, wading stick
Fishing guide for day 3

Price: 8.400 SEK / Person
Price is based on minimum 6 participants

For booking information please contact us on
Tel: +46 70 798 05 88 or email micke@bfd.nu 

BFD Travel & Event
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